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Buy Art About UFO’s and Other Artworks by Joe Semprini

artwork about ufo's by Joe Semprini

There is an intriguing relationship between Contemporary Art and UFO’s.

The two seem to share many common interests. Joe Semprini has been painting for most of his life, but only recently has he become an international celebrity with his UFO paintings. After years of working in small studios in Brooklyn, New York, the artist rode the wave to the west coast’s celebrity art scene. His work has shifted dramatically from being confined to large canvasses, where tons of metal are suspended in the air, to pieces where colors explode from the surface of a painting. Semprini is an artist with an exuberant healing energy and a new podcast to prove it.

While UFOs may not be the most exciting topic to discuss in a gallery, it is an entertaining way to discuss contemporary culture.

“Lucky Star Space Station” Medium: Multi-Media on Canvas (with no frame) Available!-Price: $4,000 Size: 24X36″

Contemporary artists are constantly looking for ways to engage the public in their work. Fortunately, there are several artists who have successfully merged the two worlds. Joe Semprini is one example.

Artists who are tuned in to the unknown have often been dismissed by the art world as eccentric visionaries. But recently, this has begun to change. In one exhibition, Hilma Af Klint linked early Modernist abstraction to seances conducted by the Spiritualists. In another, the Whitney Museum of American Art celebrated the work of Agnes Pelton, who merged the universal symbols of light and dark into her paintings.

multi media painting on canvas

The exhibition’s exhibition also features an evidence room and a catalog essay by prominent ufologist Bill Chalker. He has been involved in the field for over 40 years. Many experts dismiss UFO sightings as a result of Jupiter’s orbit or a comet’s gravity. However, he considers the events unexplained and part of a larger pattern. Therefore, he believes that they are not isolated cases and can be useful to science.

In contrast to Hilma Af Klint, Joe Semprini has developed a practice grounded in the world of objects. He works in different media: Acrylic on Glass, and Acrylic on Canvas as is used in his latest piece “Lucky Star Space Stations and UFO”. Semprini Artworks has many examples of Joe’s UFOs. They are Magical and Mystical and you always find something new each time you look at them.

Watch The Artist’s Heart Podcast Episode #5 About the Painting “Lucky Star Space Stations and UFO”.

In this episode, Joe talks about his new painting. After playing with digital Canva Joe was itching to stretch some canvas and throw some paint around “Old-School”

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