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The Artist’s Heart Podcast Episode-7 Featuring Joe Semprini’s New Painting “Metamorphosis”


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Why Joe Semprini
entitled his new Painting “Metamorphosis”

new original painting by Joe Semprini "Metamorphosis"Metamorphosis is a natural process that changes an animal from one form to another. Some species go through the entire process, while others only undergo partial metamorphosis. A salamander’s metamorphosis includes a loss of its tail fin and internal gills, as well as a change in its skin structure. In anurans, metamorphosis involves modifications to nearly every organ in the body. Tadpoles lose their horny teeth and internal gills, and dermoid gland morphogenesis is evident in their limb development. Insects with complete metamorphosis have an advantage over other species that do not.

Untitledtraditional metamorphosisThe process of metamorphosis is associated with a change in the form that provides adaptation to the environment.

A butterfly, for example, begins as a larva crawling across the ground and feeding on leaves. In contrast, an amphibian larva develops into a swimmable tadpole, which uses gills to breathe, and later absorbs its tail to form its legs.

In amphibians, the hormone thyroxin is a key factor in metamorphosis. Thyroxin stimulates metamorphosis, while prolactin inhibits it. Scientists can study the effects of hormones on the metamorphosis by artificially administering hormones to animals during their pre-metamorphic stage. However, these hormones can have negative effects on the animals. Although scientists are unsure of the origins of metamorphosis, they do know that without the process, animals would die.

Although the origin of metamorphosis remains a mystery, scientists are beginning to understand the basic biology of this life process. For example, some research is aimed at unraveling the mechanisms that control this process in humans.

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