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Semprini Artworks on Wearables and Accessories

Joe Semprini rode the wave of the celebrity art scene of the ’80s with large-scale artworks and sculptures that defied gravity and floated in the air. Now he creates drawings and paintings that explode from the surface with vibrant colors and kinetic shapes that defy the 2-dimensional surface and express an energy that can’t be contained, but enjoyed! Now buy Semprini Artworks on wearables and accessories Notebooks, Note Cards, Postcards, Coffee Mugs, Shirts, Tote Bags, Yoga Pants, Sleeveless Skater Dresses, Throw Pillows and more!

Postcards, Greeting Cards, Notebooks

All-Over Print T-Shirts, Tank Tops

Yoga Pants, Skater Dresses

Coffee Mugs, Totes, Pillows

image of girl in skater dress with semprini artwork
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