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Is Art a Good Investment in 2022?

Investing in Art, Is Art a Good Investment in 2022?

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People are starting to see the benefit of art as a viable form of alternative investment.

model holding gallery painting reprint on canvasWhile the pandemic has had wide-ranging consequences for many areas of our lives, one unexpected silver lining is that more people are starting to see the benefit of art as a viable form of alternative investment.

In a year marked by economic uncertainty, many were reluctant to invest in traditional asset classes such as stocks and property and instead looked to art as a value-preserving asset as they sought to diversify their portfolios and mitigate these precarious times. According to DollarSprout, art consistently delivers average returns of 7.6% and, because it is unaffected by how the financial markets are performing, is a much more stable investment. Source: Forbes

When you buy Semprini originals for your interior spaces you get to enjoy your investments while they grow and mature.

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Buy original artwork available for purchase from these galleries of available sculpture and paintings.

How to Buy Originals:

The artwork on these two portals is available for purchase as originals! Just email my agent at info@sempriniartworks and we’ll work out the payment and shipping details, etc., and make a custom product so you can transact a secure purchase online.

sculpture by semprini artworksJoseph L. Semprini’s sculptures and paintings have appeared in group exhibitions, one-man exhibitions, commissioned by private collectors, and corporations, and funded by public, and private grants, on display around the world. You can now purchase his original art as it returns from exhibits and gallery shows, where they have traveled and been on display since the 80s, 90s, and 2000s. As people look for creative ways to find stability in their investments, creative works of art are standing the test of time.

Prints are another way to own original quality artwork reprinted on canvas! Get gallery quality at moderate prices for your interior home decor, model homes, office space, meeting rooms, and more!
  • All reprints are of Original Art by Joe Semprini.
  • Perfect for Designers of New Homes.
  • Realtors Staging homes for sale.
  • Business owners “outfitting” their offices.
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A Little History
Joe's Been Throwing his Weight Around the Art-World for Years

Since 1969, artist Joseph L. Semprini’s sculptures and paintings have appeared in group exhibitions, one-man exhibitions, sold by agents, commissioned by private collectors and corporations, and funded by public and private grants on permanent display around the world.

Watch "The Artist's Heart" Podcast About the Power of Creativity to Heal.

Watch the premiere of “The Artist’s Heart, Conversations with Joe Semprini.” A new tell-all podcast about creating art, selling art, and the Power of Creativity to Heal people.

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