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Joe Semprini Creativity, Art and Cancer Recovery

Painting, drawing, and his creativity helped Joe survive cancer.

image of artist Joseph L. SempriniI’m a seven-year cancer survivor.

I had T cell lymphoma. I had six different chemo treatments, and then a stem cell transplant at the City of Hope that saved my life. They did a fantastic job, great hospital. Without them, I probably wouldn’t be here.

city of hope cancer center

It’s like a miracle that I survived.

The whole ordeal was very intense. So I’m lucky to be here talking to you. I’ve been an artist since I was 16. I’ve done exhibits all over the United States, including New York, Boston, LA, San Francisco, Palm Springs, and did the gallery circuit for years.

After cancer, I wanted to reach a larger audience and decided to create a website. I’ve been lucky enough to meet a lot of celebrities, but now there are people out there that possibly could be like me, that are finishing treatment or recovering from treatment, to take the next step and do something positive, and give back to the community.

image of person undergoing cancer treatment

My art has healing energy.

I’ve done pieces for the arthritis center of Connecticut, all my doctors have a piece of my artwork in their office, and they say other patients come in and it cheers them up and makes them feel better. They actually heal.

My style is pretty wild, I have a lot of abstract artwork, but there’s something that each person picks that speaks to them, if you will, that either makes them feel better, or cheers them up or, lightens their day up a little bit.

Semprini Artworks, Joe Semprini Creativity, Art and Cancer Recovery
Sculpture by Joe Semprini
Semprini Artworks, Joe Semprini Creativity, Art and Cancer Recovery
Modern Art Wearables by Joe Semprini
Semprini Artworks, Joe Semprini Creativity, Art and Cancer Recovery
Sculpture by Joe Semprini
Modern Art Accessories by Joe Semprini
Healing and feeling good is the whole concept behind the artwork, website, and online store.

It’s tough when you go through cancer. Patients need every possible prayer and initiative and every little bit counts between making it or not making it.

I was lucky to be able to come back and do it, and have a second chance to put it out. Hopefully, the pieces are better. But it really doesn’t matter, because when you create it’s the expression. I always feel like creation is like you’re one with The Creator, we are in that space. So it comes through very flowing and it’s a lot of fun. I hope people look at the website and enjoy some of the stuff we have on there!

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